The heroine of this story is Saki Koizumi, who is just your everyday normal high school student. Well, besides the stupid rapist part ugh, what is up with these masochistic bitches? She asks Jin to give Ryu a letter in which she asks if he will let her see him one last time. Why are you playing along with it?!!! Some guys had better routes than in the original game Keigo, Asou.

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The whole Ryu going to the Ryuren group thing was repeated. She felt really bad so the 2nd time he invited her, she accepted. He would also eventually visit the old house too. I got really confused that there was no eroscene in the true end, I mean after all, in the other guys there were like 2 of them in just the true end! And even though it does have really funny moments and cute hilarious parts, this is not for little kids. He then asks Saki to come to the roof with him where he sincerely tells her that he loves her and that he will never drink alcoholic drinks again.

However I was disappointed that the butler theme was only a brief thing that they did while trying to gather money to pay their house bills. Keigo had ONE redeeming ending though.

Meh crappy route in my opinion lol. It feels like something that should have been part of the original game. Apparently I had to do that bad end route to then get the missing Ryu CG geez wtf. No one tends to make those noises sound good anyway.


jinginaki otome

This site uses cookies. There actually WAS an option in this route! The extra endings were unnecessary in my opinion.

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You are commenting using your WordPress. Is this game worth playing? He tells her that one day she may have to point the gun at him and not hesitate to shoot. Well, besides the stupid rapist part ugh, what is up with these masochistic bitches? I was surprised there was actually no ero in this route jingibaki

Otome Game Review: Jingi Naki Otome

I liked when he became badass, but why does badass need to equal rape? Everyone gets split up again because of some Yakuza drama I skipped so much dialogue cause I was getting tired of all this xD From what I did read Ryu was sorta under cover spying on everyone seeing how they are all doing. Well he still had his cake job but then he got scouted to be a model.

jinginaki otome

The heroine of this story is Saki Koizumi, who is just your everyday normal high school student. You are being kidnapped?! Because of this a major yakuza scandal breaks out and both Ryuuren group and Kou group break up.

One time the two of them are having some cake in the living room and Saki gives him some cake with brandy in it. Eventually he kept getting sleepier jinginakii would sleep more and more as the days go by. In the after story, Kitagawa got handcuffed to Saki by Mutou as a prank.


There was no rape from him, but from HER.

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In fact the thick of the plot was that Saki caught some girl confessing to him and she got hurt and jealous. He works together with her at the flower shop. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: Months go by and eventually Yasu, Yamaki and Smith come to live in her apartment house. After all the taking care of him she eventually falls in love with the doofus.

There was no cancer or anything and he was let out of the hospital pretty quickly. Actually it felt like Saki was a big horny slut in this route lol but anyway.

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The game ends with them kissing…. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts jinhinaki email. His story was pretty boring for me. You are commenting using your Facebook account.

jinginaki otome

So I did a couple more good ends. Also I liked Muto-sensei — one of the strangest guys I ever seen, so I had a lot of laught playing his route.