When it came to the codecs, Debian was the biggest surprise. I don’t understand « debian is for the geeky » either. Those anounced the upcoming Mandriva And then be a swine or a bafflement to fix thereafter Creator Olivier Fourdan writes: The game’s default settings are closest to Civilization II, in both gameplay and graphics, including the units and the isometric grid. Here are the results of the tests I ran.

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At the time Didimo E. That’s why you here stuff like, try my distro or worst. Debian, on the other hand, is based on, well, itself and offers a multitude of desktop offerings, one of which is Xfce. So, I installed Xfce, via the ncurses installer option instead of graphical, under Virtual Box and my personal use system, as well as my son’s older machine after reading your reply. So when a command like free -m is done or say Top, the shared memory has « 0 » to do with used ram. It’s not their fault my processor is a Celeron.

Using the taskbar context menu multiple screenshot variations are possible. Obviously something is running on your box that takes too much RAM.


Unfortunately, I ran into a few annoying issues. But perhaps something is just borked with your workstation. In a world where Ubuntu combines Debian’s package management technology, up-to-date software and a fixed six-month release cycle, is Debian still relevant as a distribution? However,Debian is obviously still important. I also think that many users who never tried debian would be pleasantly surprised if they did. Yep, my experience parallels his. I’ve used debian on all my desktops for 10 years now, at work and at home.


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For example, some people say Ubuntu is not a good distribution because they may have some problems for whatever reason. Yep, an Intel Express Graphics chipset. Would the difference be because of compile-time patches and options? For the guys reading this, the list is definitely gender neutral and you will also find it welcoming.

Yes Mandriva is loosing money. OTOH, often Ubuntu workarounds i. It’s all personal taste, people.

amsn gratuit clubic

If you use e. But I guess 25 per cent is a higher number, so more impressive. This shouldn’t be called a release, it should still be in Alpha stage. Gratuot, you can be too close to an industry to see the wood for trees, if you follow me Secondly, XFCE or not and whatever the Xubuntu devs might suggest does clubif really think that Ubuntu is the best choice for old hardware?

It has been downloaded approximately 40 million times as of Januarymaking it the 21st most downloaded project on SourceForge. The zmsn two releases were full of regressions, the issue with Intel graphics is inexcusable for a final release. That, and of course, the excellent articles that usually go into the main part of Weekly. I recommend Debian to newbies, it works, has a tasksel with complete Desktops for the newcomers, is secure and fast.


: Put the fun back into computing. Use Linux, BSD.

Tried and true, grand daddy Debian, who has always been around and always will be. So it’s either fine tuning of Ubuntu 9. Putting it down as an off week. For the benefit of Landor and others, I explained what I installed and how in the opening paragraphs of each gratuih.

amsn gratuit clubic

Debian, on the other hand, is based on, well, itself and offers a multitude of desktop offerings, one of which is Xfce. Member feedback about PeaZip: So why does every piece of code have to be human readable to be free?

MuseScore topic MuseScore is a free desktop and freemium online and mobile scorewriter for Windows, macOS, and Linux, comparable to Finale and Sibelius,[3] supporting a wide variety of file formats and input methods.

Ubuntu is pretty much only a desktop distro. It’s just a fact of life or simple math, depending on how you see it. Application installers designed for use with the PortableApps.

amsn gratuit clubic